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3-Day Immersive Workshops

Ready for a fast pace, interactive event to help grow your business? Get on the waitlist for the next immersive workshop. Also, explore the retreats to really dive into mindset and business model resetting. 


Lead Gen | Programs and Pricing | Sales Your Way

Lead Generation

Day 1 of this live event, I get to discover more about the group and why you think the way you do. Everyone collaborates and gets the feel of opening up in front of a crowd without judgment or conclusion

Programs and Pricing

Day 1  reposition your thinking about business, making money and value-based propositions. This helps your subconscious to "rewire" itself to a better way of thinking.day 

Sales Your Way

This is the step where I challenge you reclaim your business goals so you're always ready to take on new challenges and win the day.

Meet student

Founder of

"Because of Amelia, I took my business from making 5-figures to 6-figures a month and now after about 7 months, we're set to hit 7-figures. She really showed me where I was going wrong in my approach to my clients and how my own mindset was causing a plateau. My existing clients gladly pay twice as much for my value now because I myself see the value in myself and my vision..."

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